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Win your injury case in 5 steps

If you have suffered injuries and serious damages in a wreck, winning a personal injury claim can make your future look bright again. Therefore, it is important to take care when starting and pursuing your claim.

Get professional legal advice and follow all the legal rules carefully to avoid ruining your case.

#1 -Collect Every Piece of Evidence

Without evidence, you have no case. You need two types of evidence — evidence to prove the other persons fault and evidence to prove the extent of your damages. Collect any and all information that may help your claim:

  • Medical, rehabilitation and prescription bills
  • Doctors bills and notes
  • Videos and photos of the scene and damages
  • Witness information
  • Write you injuries down
  • Proof that you have lost wages and lost benefits
  • Personal Expenses, keep all receipts

#2   -Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

It is very important to get immediate medical attention, attend all doctor appointments and follow all doctor’s orders. If you do not follow the doctors orders or you do not attend appointments, the defendant can use your behavior to prove you are not hurt and that you have no serious claims. If you are hurt and your doctor takes you off of work and you post pictures on social media of you running and lifting, your case will not be valid. It’s understandable that you want to get back to your life after an injury, but you must follow your doctor’s orders.

#3 -Be Patient

When you are seriously injured and unable to work, it is easy to panic about your finances and bills. Insurers know this and some pressure you to settle quickly, hoping they will have to pay was less than your case is worth. Speak to your lawyer about what is a fair and reasonable offer and let your lawyer negotiate with the insurers.

#5: Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

Having a credentialed attorney with a successful track record working on your behalf can protect your rights and allow you to exercise them. Our goal is your recovery.

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