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Red Light Cameras in Fort Worth- Should They Stay or Should They Go?

The red-light-camera program is effective and should be continued, a city official told the City Council on Tuesday.

“First and foremost, the driver for this is public safety,” said Alonzo Linan, assistant director of transportation and public works. “Our goal is to change driver behavior through the issuance of citations.”

The first red-light cameras were installed in stages during 2008. In 2009, an average of 3,850 citations per camera were issued. Today, that’s down to 1,529, Linan said.

And wrecks at the same intersections have dropped off. In 2009, the crash rate was 0.70 per million vehicles at the intersections. By 2014, that was down to 0.23.

Still, critics say red-light cameras violate people’s privacy and serve as a revenue-generating trap.

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