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What Are Common Types Of Personal Injury Cases In Texas You Handle?

The firm of Wells, Purcell & Kraatz handles a variety of personal injury cases in Texas, the majority being trucking and auto crash cases. The firm also does premises liability cases, product liability cases and work place injuries.

Wells, Purcell & Kraatz handles product liability cases where people were harmed by defective drug devices, medications, or other failed products. Most product failure cases involve companies that manufactured a product, knew about a problem with their product and how it could harm people, but sold it anyway.

Premises cases involve injuries caused by a dangerous condition at a home, office or business location. The firm has done cases involving collapsing roofs or balconies, slippery floors and badly designed walking surfaces or stairwells.

Work place injuries the firm has helped clients with over the years have involved construction site falls, work place lifting injuries resulting in surgery or vision loss, equipment failures that caused death or disability, on the job car crashes and many others.

What Are The Top Misconceptions Regarding Personal Injury Attorneys?

In our experience, people’s perceptions about personal injury claims are formed by discussions with their friends or family. Many believe that once they sign up with a lawyer for an injury case, they’re never going to talk to a lawyer again. The think this because their friends or family went through the claim process and that was his or her experience. That is a stigma that personal injury attorneys at Wells, Purcell & Kraatz try to overcome by explaining to people who are considering hiring our firm that it is going to be a team effort.

The other misconception people have is that the attorney is going to get all of the money in a case. That is a common question when talking with people. They ask “Is it true that you’re going to get all the money and all I’m going to get is a slap on the back?” Not so at this firm. Any settlement proposal includes a disbursement that shows where the settlement funds are going. If our client is not happy with the how the funds are distributed, then the settlement proposal is rejected. Any settlement has to be approved by our client in advance with a clear understanding of where the money is going.

The final misconception is that the lawyer is all in it for him or herself and the client is just a casualty that is part of the claim but isn’t going to get fair compensation for the harms and losses they suffered. Our Attorneys battle that misconception consistently when talking with people about retaining the firm on for a personal injury claim.

What Are The Top Misconceptions About The Personal Injury Recovery Process?

The most common impediment to getting clients comfortable with the personal injury process is the need to understand that not everything they think happened that supports their claim is going to be accepted by the insurance company. People get upset and frustrated when our firm tells them the insurance company wants more proof or more evidence about the case, whether that be more information on wage loss, medical expenses, when they went to the doctor, any prior medical problems and so on. People get extremely frustrated because they feel like they’re being questioned and that the insurance company is calling them a fraud.

This is an obstacle new clients need to try and get over early. Our attorneys let their clients know they believe them and they are on their side. There are going to be times when your attorney will and should ask you for more information about a particular part of the case because they need it. They want to be able to prove every part of the case in an overwhelming fashion and any additional evidence or information that can be gathered will help early on in building a solid case. The insurance company doesn’t want to accept your version of what happened at times and it is best to prove the case by both your testimony and the testimony from documents, friends or doctors.

Another common misconception clients have is they think it is an easy process and that their case is crystal clear. They have the misconception that a personal injury claim is a very easy process to go through because they are right and the other person is wrong. What the attorneys at Wells, Purcell & Kraatz do to prepare people for what may be a long process, is explain to them that they need to know several things before trying to resolve the case and they are not going to try and resolve it until they do. Many clients think that once the attorney has talked with the insurance company and, for example, there is $100,000 available, those funds will be paid right away.

That’s when a lawyer needs to explain that the insurance companies are not just giving this money away. It’s not lottery money, and it is available only if other parts of the case (medical injury or wage loss, for example) can be proven.

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