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What Are Important Things I Can Do To Help My Personal Injury Case?

Do everything you can to get better! Always follow your doctor’s orders, keep scheduled appointments, and make sure you tell the doctor or nurse about all the problems that started when you were injured. You should also make sure your lawyer knows about any significant changes in your medical treatment or condition. Recently some hospitals quit filing their bill with health insurance companies. That way they can collect a lot more for the medical care in the hospital. You should ALWAYS make sure the hospital and your doctors file with your health insurance company if that is an option.

What Defenses Do Insurance Companies Use To Avoid Paying Out On Claims?

Insurance companies have many defenses and many tricks to reduce how much they pay. They typically say that you have some responsibility for your injury, so they do not have to pay as much. The insurance company often says that you already had an injury or physical problem and that it was not caused by the wreck or injury. They also try to find some other event or excuse so that happened after the injury to so they can say they are not responsible.

In some cases, they claim that you have too much medical treatment and the charges are excessive. In other cases, they claim that you did not go to the doctor enough so you must not be hurt. Sometimes they complain that the medical bills are too high and when the medical bills are low, even if that is all your health insurance company will pay, the insurance company says you must not have a serious injury.

What Information Does An Attorney Require When Handling A Personal Injury Case?

An experienced lawyer will want to review many, many factors and documents to evaluate a claim and file a lawsuit. This includes any police reports, medical records, medical bills, photographs, and witness statements. It can also include medical and scientific articles, government records, and industry standards.

How Can Someone Assist Their Lawyer To Get The Best Outcome In A Personal Injury Case?

You should always be completely open and honest with your lawyer. Keep your lawyer’s office informed about any changes in your condition or your medical care. Make sure you provide your medical bills and details about your medical care to your lawyer’s office and any photos you may have. We are here to help.

How Are Medical Bills Dealt With In A Personal Injury Case?

Insurance companies generally do not pay your medical bills when a case is settled. Even when you go to court, the Judge does not order them to pay all your medical bills. How much is paid and when the bills are paid varies in every case but we work closely with clients to make sure all bills can be paid.

How Are Future Medical Bills Reimbursed In Personal Injury Claims?

Most of the time settlements and Judgments are for one lump-sum amount. Future medical costs are a very important part of our client’s cases. We work hard to get our clients future needs taken care of during settlement negotiations.

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