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How Long Do Personal Injury Cases Typically Take To Resolve?

Cases that fit into the early claim’s adjustment category are often resolved within the year of the wreck and many times much less than that. What people usually don’t understand about resolution of the claim is the fact that the attorney and the insurance company need to have proof of more than what the people generally think they have to prove.

There’s anxiousness to resolve a case for any number of reasons. That said, it is foolish for any attorney to think about resolving the case until he or she knows what the diagnosis and prognosis is for the client. That process is really what controls when a case is going to settle. Your medical prognosis has to be known irrespective of how long that takes. We have had cases that have taken 5 years to find out what exactly is wrong with the client.

The cases that go into litigation are typically resolved in double the amount of time. The litigation process has built-in delays which can sometimes help or hurt a case. However, the primary reason that cases are filed in court is because the insurance company or the corporation is just not buying parts of a case. A big reason that we file lawsuits is that our firm has run every course in trying to negotiate and be reasonable with the insurance company. Many times that delay is up to a year in litigation, sometimes longer. Cases can settle after litigation at any point in the process.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Personal Injury Cases?

The firm has handled personal injury cases a long time and has a combined legal experience of over 60 years. At the end of the day, they really do care about the recovery their client receives. They like to see clients that have an injury take the necessary steps to fix their problems and eventually return to their normal day-to-day lives. We want to help our clients have a good recovery from the injury or loss.

The reason we have been practicing for as long as we have is because our firm cares about the people we represent. Some people hit bumps in the road along the way and don’t have a good medical outcome.

These are the cases that take a great deal of time and resources at the firm. If the injury is life changing the insurance company will fight over every issue and use every legal trick to diminish the value of the loss. We do our best to bring the fight to the company responsible and support every aspect of the cases we work on. We are passionate about our mission and work every day to build cases for our clients.

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