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Mobile Apps to Prevent Distracted Driving

Every single day, drivers are hurt or killed due to a wreck related to distracted driving. These deaths are preventable. Distracted driving is a very real danger that continues to grow.

Cell phones and smartphones have played a big role in the increase of distracted driving wrecks. They are NOW also playing a role in solving the problem! Some app developers are working to create ways to help make your phone a tool to fight against distraction!

Choosing a Distracted Driving App

When choosing a distractive driving app, consider the following:

  • Is the app compatible with your phone?
  • Does it have the ability to block messages and phone calls?
  • Will it provide notifications to parents?
  • Does it offer rewards for driving safely and distraction-free?


LifeSaver uses GPS monitoring and a rewards system to help drivers break dangerous distracted driving habits. The app blocks the ability to use your phone while driving, and automatically lets loved ones know once you’ve safely arrived at your destination.

It features a “ Driver Portal” dashboard for parents to help guide teens towards responsible driving habits, where they can set up rewards for their children for safe driving behavior. Additionally, LifeSaver can be used by commercial fleet managers to monitor their drivers’ behavior on the job.

AT&T DriveMode

Available for both iOS and Android, AT&T’s DriveMode app helps keep drivers from distraction by blocking any phone taking or texting and driving.

DriveMode can be set up to automatically start when you are driving over 15 MPH. You can even have it notify you when your teen driver has the app deactivated, or if certain settings are changed.

It is easy to set up, runs smoothly, and is exceptionally user-friendly.

You can even set up your own prizes for a private group of drivers, or for the public.


Currently free on both iOS and Android platforms, TrueMotion has a feature unique from other apps we reviewed—its “trip score”. Each time you’re behind the wheel, the app uses a rating scale for your overall drive, and pinpoints exact moments where you may have been driving distractedly.

TrueMotion has the ability to compare driving scores and show a driver’s location on the road in real time, as well as their trip history. This is especially helpful for parents of new teen drivers getting used to being out on the road.

Drive Beehive

PADD’s official safe driving app, Drive Beehive, works by connecting drivers with sponsors (friends, family, schools, businesses) who can set rewards for safe miles driven.

This easy-to-use app appeals to us because of how simple it is to be a sponsor and to create your own safe driving campaign.

Getting Your Safe Driving App

No matter which one you decide to choose, downloading a safe driving app is a big step towards driving without distraction. Use your phone as a safety tool, and keep yourself wreck-free.

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