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Jury awards $55 million in Johnson & Johnson in cancer suit

For the 2nd time in three months a jury has ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay a huge award over the claim that it’s talcum powder causes cancer. The jury awarded $55 million to a woman who developed ovarian cancer after years of talcum powder use.

Jim Onder, attorney for the plaintiff, said “The evidence is real clear that Johnson & Johnson has known the dangers associated with talcum powder for over 30 years and instead of giving a warning, they targeted groups most at risk for developing ovarian cancer.”

Following a 1971 study, numerous studies were published pointing to the link between talc and ovarian cancer. In 1992, a study found that regular use of baby powder increased the risk of developing ovarian cancer threefold. In 2010, a Harvard study concluded that talc in baby powder was carcinogenic to humans. But talcum powder remained on the market unregulated and without any warning from the manufacturer.

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