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In the US, every day, people are exposed to the toxins and chemicals, incidents range from toys to household cleaners to cookware, to paint thinners to glue, to pesticides. Also, the exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins cases at the workplace or residing in the manufacturing plants area happen often. The toxins cause’s severe health issues like difficulty in breathing, skin irritations or skin cancer, and organ damage (include injuries to lung, brain, heart etc.). These health problems arise when dangerous toxins cause damage to the internal tissues such as the brain, heart, or lung or external body tissue such as skin or eyes. Harmful chemicals enter the human body via the mouth (digestion), via breathing (inhalation), or absorption through eyes and skin, birth defects in the children of the victim, or even death.

Types of Toxic Exposure

Toxic chemicals that pose severe health risks include lead, asbestos, mercury, acetates, carbon monoxide, toxic mold, benzene, pesticides, styrene, volatile organic acids, toluene, and many others. Government entities monitor the emission of many harmful substances or waste products. However, it’s also the responsibility of the industry to monitor disposal. Few reasons for toxic exposures are corruption, dishonesty, errors, faulty equipment, cooperate greed etc. if the exposure is accidental it can cause devastating consequences.

People who are exposed to toxic substances are entitled to the damages under the Toxic Tort Law. If the exposure injury results due to the negligence or in other cases the criminal act of the person, industry, or company then the affected victim has the right to bring a lawsuit or claim against the responsible person, industry, or company. That is why it is critical for the toxic poisoning victims to understand the legal rights they have. Pacific Attorney Group guides such victims through the complexities of a toxic injury lawsuit.

Occupations and Jobs at Risk for Toxic Exposure

Some occupations and jobs with high toxic exposure risk include:

  • Oil refinery workers
  • Painters
  • Chemical Lab workers
  • Industrial plants where solvents are used.
  • Vinyl chloride monomer used in PVC plants
  • Newspaper/printing
  • Rubber industry workers
  • Benzene or benzene products manufacturers
  • Gasoline workers
  • Petroleum and chemical plants
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing
  • Working in oil tankers

Hazardous Poisoning at Workplace

At the above-mentioned workplaces, workers are exposed to the poisonous substances every day, even if their employer has attempted to protect them by adopting necessary precautions. But sometimes, the protection provided by the employers is not enough and as a result, chemical residues and toxic fumes are absorbed by the worker through the skin or inhaled. Usually, due to the several years of exposure to the carcinogens or heavy exposure for a shorter time period may cause cancer. Most of the time, cancer is developed after many years of exposure to the toxin chemical. So it is obligated to most employers to give their employees with worker’s compensation in case of the injury. Other than workers, the toxic exposure can affect the general public as well. So, if considering to file the claim, it is necessary to consult a professional toxic exposure attorney to get more understanding about the state laws.

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