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Even The Best Drivers Can Suffer An Auto Accident With Injuries

Arizona roads provide many dangers not experienced in other states. The volatile desert weather, flash floods and sand storms are two examples of such dangers that make visibility bad with little or no advanced warning. Other problems include mechanical malfunctions, road obstructions and road surface issues. So if you find yourself in a single vehicle auto accident, do not be so quick to blame yourself. Other factors often come into play, in causing motor vehicle accidents.

When you experience an auto accident with injuries, your first call while awaiting police arrival at the scene should be to a car accident lawyer. A personal injury lawyer helps you understand the processes involved in filing and gaining compensation for your motor vehicle accident claim. Your experienced lawyer also represents you against the insurance company, ensuring your rights and needs do not get pushed aside.

Single-Vehicle Accidents More Common in Arizona than You Think

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation’s Arizona Crash Facts Summary of 2016, almost 16 percent of automobile accidents in the state involved only one vehicle. Almost 300 of those accidents involved fatalities that same year.

This is not a statistic limited to just one year. Every year brings too many single vehicle wrecks with injuries and fatalities. But these accidents do not always occur because of a negligent driver. You can experience one of these auto accidents, yourself. Blame will not automatically fall on you, even if police inform you that you were accountable.

Your Single Vehicle Accident Is Not Necessarily Your Fault

If no other drivers had involvement in your wreck, how can someone else be held accountable for your injuries, damages and expenses? To answer this question, you need an experienced auto accident lawyer.

Your single-vehicle car accident lawyer uses his experience, skill, knowledge and investigations capabilities to find the true cause of your accident. What caused your accident could include one or more issues, such as:

  • Avoiding an animal, person or object in the road
  • Faulty tires, breaks or other mechanical issues
  • Motor vehicle defects
  • Auto parts defects
  • Improperly maintained roads
  • Poor road design
  • Technological failure of traffic signals or equipment
  • Other drivers, such as distracted drivers or those forcing you to avoid hitting them

As you can see from this short list, many causes of single vehicle accidents exist. So when you face the mountain of expenses from an auto accident, do not ever automatically assume you must bear the full burden of those costs.

Who Holds Responsibility for Your Accident Costs?

The people who may hold responsibility for your wreck can include:

  • Highway design and engineering companies
  • Road maintenance entities
  • Government or contracting organizations
  • Auto mechanic
  • Vehicle manufacturer
  • Vehicle designers
  • Parts manufacturers

Many people play big roles in the safety of your motor vehicle. While you must maintain it properly and meet your responsibilities under state law, you cannot ensure every part of your vehicle met quality standards or functions as it should. These are the responsibility of the people building and working on your vehicle for repairs. You also cannot possibly ensure all of the roads you drive on meet quality standards. This is why you need a highly experienced auto accident lawyer, for your single vehicle accident.

How Does a Lawyer Help after a Single-Vehicle Accident?

Your auto accident and personal injury lawyer uses experience and the right connections to find the true cause of your motor vehicle accident. In the process of doing this, your auto accident attorney also holds the right people accountable, including your own insurance company. Never assume your insurance provider is automatically on your side. All insurance companies first look to their own profitability and the ways to pay you as little as possible.

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