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Dog attacks increase during the summer….

Summer is approaching and during the summer months there is an increase in the number of dog bites. Often the number of dog bites can double compared to the colder months. There are many reasons the number of dog bites increase in the summer, but more often than not this is simply because more people are outside and walking their pets.

Dog bites cause devastating injuries that can stay with a victim for life. Dog bites can also cause long-term psychological trauma that may require years of counseling to help a victim overcome their fear.

If you have been a victim of a dog attack in Texas, you need to learn your rights and determine if the owner of the dog is responsible for your injuries. You may be able to recover compensation for your injuries, expenses and lost wages.

What Does Texas’ Dog Bite Statute Say?

Texas applies a negligence standard in dog bite cases.

This means that a victim that is injured by a dog has to show two things to be compensated:

  • The dog owner was negligent and did not secure the dog to prevent the bite
  • The dog owner was aware of the animals aggression, which can include a previous attack

Common Defenses Against Dog Bite Claims

Dog owners may successfully defend against a dog bite liability claim if they can prove:

  • They were not aware their animal was aggressive.
  • The injured party was trespassing unlawfully on the dog owner’s property.
  • They were properly controlling the dog.

The Fort Worth dog attack lawyers at Wells, Purcell & Kraatz have detailed knowledge about how to establish liability for a dog attack. We are prepared to help you get proper compensation for the damages you have suffered. Contact us now, our goal is your recovery!

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