Wells, Purcell & Kraatz

Client Testimonials

“I am so thankful for these lawyers. We lost my dad in a head-on collision. It was a tough situation for my entire family. The lawyers took care of everything for us. They talked to all companies and parties involved. They listened to us with calmness and comfort. They handled the situation with high integrity and character. We are forever grateful.”

S. Whitney

“To have this law firm represent you makes your case stress-free. They fight for you to get reimbursed for your expenses, they deal with your doctors for you and they really care about your recovery. I got the best settlement possible in my case and that made my recovery from my injury easier. Everything they promised me was done quickly!”

B. Johnson

“Our family was very emotional and stressed over our case. Not only did the office listen and ease our fears but we also could not of hoped for a better outcome for our family.”

S. Whitney

“This office is an amazing team with a very professional attitude. They are full of compassion and always prompt when answering all of our questions.”

J. Cochran

“A great big thank you for what your firm did for me. I am so glad you all were the “one” in my corner.”

Heather D.

“Words cannot express my gratitude for all that you have done. I really appreciate the fact that you handled the case without putting added pressures on me. Truly my confidence was in you.”

Candy L.

“I wanted to thank you again for all you do for us, especially helping us with questions and advice. You are always so kind and willing to answer our concerns.”

T.L. Walker

“I appreciate your patience with me and the extra time you spent explaining the experience to me.”

Brian M.

“Thank you for your compassion and understanding, you were an answer to a prayer.”

Mary A.

“I want to thank you and your staff very much for being there for me every time I call.”

Lila P.