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Another Tragic Truck Crash

Another really tragic reminder about the dangers of large trucks on our local highways. In this very sad news story, 17 people were hurt last night, four died at the scene and another in a local hospital.  According to the story in the local newspaper, several people were in the roadway to help the victim of an earlier crash at 2:30 a.m. when the truck hit them. Both the Star-Telegram and National Public Radio had news stories about truck safety in the last several months:  On The Hill, Debate Reawakens Over Tired Truckers; In Texas, Traffic Deaths Climb Amid Fracking Boom; Government… Read More

Thousands of deaths a year

“Fatal truck crashes… are all too common—happening nearly 11 times every single day in this country on average, and killing nearly 4,000 people each year, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.” “On top of that, more than 100,000 people are injured every year in truck crashes. That’s as bad as if a commuter jet crashed every single week of the year, killing everyone on board. And the numbers have been getting worse: Truck-crash fatalities have increased since 2009…” truck accidents surge Excerpted from: Truck accidents surge: Why no national outcry?, by Eamon Javers and Jennifer Schlesinger, CNBC, July… Read More

Look, no driver! Congressman braves 33-mile trip to the airport in driverless car

A Pennsylvania congressman has shown his  high-tech side by catching a cutting-edge ride to the airport on  Wednesday. Republican Representative Bill Shuster made a  33-mile trip from Cranberry Township to Pittsburgh International Airport at 11am  on Wednesday in acomputer-operated car. The driverless Cadillac SRX was  designed by Carnegie Mellon University researchers who have been working on the  project since 2008. The car uses inputs from radars, laser  rangefinders, and infrared cameras to maneuver in traffic. Mr. Shuster is the chairman of the House  Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and he was accompanied by Barry  Schoch, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of… Read More

Tragic Breaking News- An 11-year-old Boy was Struck and Killed by School Bus

Tragedy has struck the Springtown school district.  An 11-year-old boy was struck and killed by school bus early Monday morning outside his home. The accident occurred about 6:30 a.m. at 121 Hilltop Meadows, between Springtown and Azle, as the bus stopped to pick up another child across the street from the boy’s home, said Department of Public Safety trooper Gary Rozzell. “The woman bus driver stopped the bus and activated the lights,” Rozzell said. “The boy came up beside the bus as she deactivated the lights. The bus started to pull forward and the boy couldn’t get out of the… Read More