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Look, no driver! Congressman braves 33-mile trip to the airport in driverless car

A Pennsylvania congressman has shown his  high-tech side by catching a cutting-edge ride to the airport on  Wednesday. Republican Representative Bill Shuster made a  33-mile trip from Cranberry Township to Pittsburgh International Airport at 11am  on Wednesday in acomputer-operated car. The driverless Cadillac SRX was  designed by Carnegie Mellon University researchers who have been working on the  project since 2008. The car uses inputs from radars, laser  rangefinders, and infrared cameras to maneuver in traffic. Mr. Shuster is the chairman of the House  Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and he was accompanied by Barry  Schoch, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of… Read More

So, who’s the man looking to fill Rick Perry’s boots?

“When Greg Abbott’s spine was crushed by a falling oak tree in 1984 he had no health insurance, no paycheck and no feeling in his legs. But he had a good lawyer and, back then, access to a civil justice system that was generally hospitable toward plaintiffs. So Abbott did what many people would do in his situation: he sued. The parties reached a settlement in 1986, the details of which Abbott discussed for the first time last week. The proceeds were paid by the defendants’ insurance companies. Under the agreement, Abbott receives periodic lump sum payments plus monthly income. By… Read More

Breaking news, high speed chase tragedy

Breaking news, high speed chase tragedy: Four children and their mother and father were killed when the driver of a stolen pickup truck slammed into their SUV  during a deadly high-speed police chase. The suspect, identified as Hector Ramirez,  18, of Roma, Texas, also smashed into two other vehicles as he tried to escape  the police. Only the three-year-old son of the family of  seven survived when their Chevrolet Suburban was destroyed at an intersection in  a rural area near Mission, Texas, U.S. The other six family members were killed on  impact, Alton Police Department Chief  Enrique Soleto told Three-year-old Jesus… Read More

Hats off to Sully!

“Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger in 2009 coolly landed his jet safely on the Hudson River in what was dubbed as the Miracle on the Hudson. He has refashioned himself as an expert on reducing medical errors, which by some estimates kill up to 200,000 people a year — “the equivalent of 20 jetliners crashing per week,” he told POLITICO.” “If tens of thousands of people died in plane crashes, he says, “There would be a national ground stop. Fleets would be grounded. Airports would close. There would be a presidential commission. The NTSB would investigate. No one would fly until… Read More

Dallas-area Drivers Lead the State in Deadly Road Rage, Tips on Staying Safe

Let’s face it: everyone gets frustrated driving in heavy traffic. Some people, however, let this frustration boil over into anger. Some drivers become so angry at other drivers that they actually try to retaliate against them. Young drivers, in construction-heavy, rush-hour traffic, are paying little heed to Texas’ motto of friendship.  Fort Worth and Dallas roads are covered in construction causing a lot of stop-and-go traffic. They’re the chief cause for making Dallas and Tarrant counties combined the worst place for road rage crashes statewide over the last five years, statistics show. According to the Texas Department of Safety, road raging… Read More

Two killed in early morning crash

The Star-Telegram reports a  three-vehicle crash left at least two dead about 1:20 a.m. Monday and shut down the northbound lanes of West Loop 820 at Clifford Street, in Fort Worth, according to police reports. “There were three vehicles involved in this accident, with one deceased adult and [one] deceased child,” said officer Tracey Knight. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner reported that Brent Moore, 37, of Fort Worth, died at 1:34 a.m. at the on ramp to northbound Loop 820 at Westpoint Road in Fort Worth. A MedStar spokesman said that one adult and one child were taken to a local… Read More

Breaking news, 3 killed in wreck on I-30

Tragic breaking news. Two adults and a baby died early Wednesday in a multi-vehicle wreckon Interstate 30, police said. A man who fled the scene of the wreck was captured by police and faces three counts of intoxication manslaughter and one charge of failure to stop and render aid, police said. Jail records identified the suspect as Benjamon Ray Stewart, 41, of Arlington. Breaking news, 3 killed in wreck on I-30 in Arlington As Texas attorneys practicing for over 25 years, we have litigated all manner of personal injury cases including injuries and deaths caused by DWI accidents.  We use this… Read More

Summer driving tips

Summer driving tips: Whatever your summer getaway plans, take the time to review some summer road travel tips before you leave! Prevention and planning are much easier than dealing with a breakdown or even worse, a crash. driving in extreme heat driving skills for life

How to help Oklahoma tornado victims

“The loss of life and stunning devastation in Oklahoma City suburbs after a monster tornado ripped through the area are heart-wrenching. But within hours, relief organizations were getting out the message on how to help.”   How to help

How to help, find loved ones affected by Texas Tornadoes

The Star Telegram reports at least six people were killed and another seven were still unaccounted for Thursday morning after a tornado ripped through a subdivision Wednesday night, flattening homes and crushing vehicles. More than 50 people were injured, with at least 30 of them being transported to hospitals in the Dallas Fort Worth area, officials said. The tornado, one of at least six confirmed across North Texas Wednesday night, did most of its damage in the Rancho Brazos subdivision, Sheriff Roger Deeds said at a news conference Thursday morning. from the Dallas Morning News: How to find loved ones:… Read More