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Texting and driving ban in Denton

Texting and driving is a deadly combination. Denton’s new city ordinance banning phone use for anything other than calls while driving took effect Tuesday morning. The ban does include any interaction with a phone, including texting, operating a GPS device or other apps, surfing the Internet, etc. The use of Bluetooth or hands-free technology will still be allowed, as will talking on the phone and dialing a number. Also, the interstates that run through Denton will not be included in the ban to avoid confusion for drivers just passing through. If you or a loved one have been in a… Read More

Texas and Drilling: The Deadly Side Effects

An Associated Press analysis of traffic deaths and U.S. census data in six drilling states shows that in some places, fatalities have more than quadrupled since 2004 — a period when most American roads have become much safer even as the population has grown. In 21 Texas counties where drilling has recently expanded, deaths per 100,000 people are up an average of 18 percent. Across the rest of Texas, they are down by 20 percent. In two Texas drilling regions, 259 people were killed last year, compared with 148 a decade ago. An average of 100 more people were killed… Read More

Slipping And Falling With Latent Defects And Patent Defects

The majority of slip and fall cases result from the negligence of a certain party that was supposed to make sure there were no hazards that could potentially harm a person. Sometimes, slip and fall victims get injured because of the property itself having a defective condition. Who would be liable if a person were to slip and fall because of a defect on a property? The party that designed and built the property? Or the party that was responsible for maintaining it? Whether it was the result of a patent or latent defect that caused the slip and fall,… Read More

Texting, Driving, and Teens

Did you know that traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for American teens?  And when it comes to distracted driving, young people are among the most likely to text and talk behind the wheel. Texting, Driving, and Teens “For decades, the most common cause of death for teens ages 14-19 years old has been traffic accidents, but the causes of those accidents have been changing. While anti-drunk driving campaigns have been quite successful in reducing the number of drunk driving related deaths among teenagers, the total number of accidents and fatalities has been on the rise due to… Read More

Probation revoked in tragic Fort Worth DWI death case

Drug and alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. cost billions of dollars in property damage, medical expenses and loss of life. Drunk drivers who cause a serious injury or kill passengers, other drivers or pedestrians, will generally face two types of cases. The injured party or the family of one who died may file a civil action (a personal injury lawsuit) and the government, through the local prosecutor, may file criminal charges. If you are a victim of a drunken driving wreck, the actions you must take are the same as any other personal injury. Getting medical help to… Read More

WORTH the trip!

Texas Highways magazine honors and explores the city of Fort Worth in it’s March 2014 issue.  Wells, Purcell & Kraatz is proud to see our great city on the cover and in the spotlight!  Pick up your issue soon or click our link to the magazine below…maybe you will find something new in the city to explore this Spring! worth the trip

Too Close for Comfort

There are a lot of new and exciting cars debuting in 2014/2015. WPK is anxiously awaiting more “driverless car” demonstrations this year!  Assisted parking is a also a function offered in many new cars and SUV’s.  Assisted parking seems to be a little controversial and a very hot topic!  This article is reporting on a recent accident involving assisted parking.  Would you like to have assisted parking in your current or new car? BMW wreck


It is not a well known fact that Acetaminophen can cause significant liver damage leading to health problems, medical bills and possibly death.  Below is an excerpt from an FDA report… educate yourself and spread the word to your friends and family by email, linking to our WPK blog or the FDA site. “Acetaminophen overdose is one of the most common poisonings worldwide,” according to the National Institutes of Health.” “Taking too much of this pain reliever can lead to liver failure or death.” “The FDA has set the recommended maximum for adults at 4,000 milligrams per day. It’s easier to… Read More

The Year in Review, Law- top stories

Wells, Purcell and Kraatz wishes you a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year!  Helping our clients in 2013 gave us a great deal of satisfaction and hope.  Our clients are very important to us and we look forward to helping more people in the new year. There were many stories and changes in Texas law this past year and 2014 looks to be exciting also! the year in review

Safe Holiday Driving

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is encouraging Thanksgiving travelers to practice safe driving habits during the long holiday weekend to help keep Texas roadways safer for everyone. DPS offers the following tips for safe travel during the Thanksgiving holiday:  Don’t drink and drive. Designate a driver or take a cab.  Eliminate distractions, including the use of mobile devices.  Buckle up everyone in the vehicle – it’s the law.  Slow down – especially in bad weather, construction areas and heavy traffic.  Slow down or move over for police, fire, EMS and Texas Department of Transportation vehicles and tow trucks… Read More