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Tips to Safely Share the Road with Motorcyclists

Here are a few tips to safely share the road with motorcyclists: •  Check to see if there are motorcycles in your blind spot when changing lanes, making a turn, or entering a freeway or expressway. • Allow at least a four-second following distance. If the motorcyclist suddenly stops or falls off, you will need enough distance to stop your car and avoid hitting him/her. • Do not share the lane with a motorcyclist. A motorcyclist needs enough room to maneuver; having a shared lane can be unsafe, especially if a traffic situation arises. • If you happen to be… Read More

Tips for a happy, safe New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is only a couple of days away, so now is the time to make a plan on how to safely drive to and from your parties! Nearly 29 people in the United States die every day in alcohol-impaired vehicle accidents. That’s one person every 50 minutes in 2016, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration figures. And the holidays account for a significant number of drunken driving fatalities. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve in 2016, 891 drunken driving fatalities occurred across the country — 26 percent of all traffic deaths. Technology is making it easier than… Read More

Tips for safe holiday driving!!

When it comes to winter holiday travel, airports and flying get a lot of the attention. But most people who travel during the winter holidays pack up the car and drive to their destinations. Before starting the journey, drivers should do some car maintenance and check on state laws that might change the way they drive. Here are some tips to help you hit the road: Get all your basic maintenance done Give yourself a week to: — Check tire pressure and tread depth — Replace wiper blades — Fill the windshield washer reservoir — Test the battery Even if… Read More

Have Your Personal Injury Lawyer – Just A Call Away!

The only common thing about any accident is the stress and anxiety that it brings. The car crashes are not as simple as they look like while passing by the road. There is much more than the vehicle disruption and health loss. The trauma faced by the sufferers badly affects the brain because it gets extremely hard to let the accident image out of the head. Every accident brings financial and health loss which gets hard to cope up with because of the disturbance it brings in every sector of life. People not even look for the lawyers because it… Read More

Hidden injuries caused by a car wreck

After a car wreck you may think you are okay, not injured, only to find out later that you’ve actually been seriously injured.  How does this happen?  Why do “hidden injuries” occur?  It is because our bodies have a instinct called the “fight or flight response” that kicks into high gear when we are in harms way. You might not discover you are injured until the danger has passed.  The attorneys at Wells, Purcell and Kraatz are familiar with these type of hidden injuries.  Injuries such as whiplash may not be apparent immediately, symptoms usually appear the next day. Hidden Injuries Caused… Read More

What you need to know about the new driving & texting law in Texas

Authorities across Texas will soon be scouring the roads for people who are texting behind the wheel. A statewide ban takes effect today. A law signed by Gov. Greg Abbott last month will replace the patchwork of local restrictions that some municipalities adopted. Supporters of the bill hope it will make the roads safer; 1 in 5 crashes involves driver distraction, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. In places like Garland, officers have already been monitoring school zones for offenders zipping through while texting, Garland police spokesman Pedro Barineau said. Now, they’ll expand that scrutiny to the whole city. Some officials say the… Read More

Safe boating tips for your next lake trip…

With summer in full swing, the lakes and rivers of Texas are filled with boaters eager to escape the heat and enjoy refreshing waters. However, it is important to be cautious as crowded waters increase the dangers of boating season. Unfortunately, these fun-filled outings can sometimes turn tragic. In 2016, the Coast guard recorded 4,158 boating accidents. Those accidents involved 626 deaths and 2,613 injuries. Where the cause of death was known, 76% of the boating accident victims drowned. Moreover, of those drowning victims, 85% were not wearing a life jacket. Unsurprisingly, alcohol was the leading known contributing factor in… Read More

Neck And Back Injury

Suffering a neck and back injury sets you up for a great deal of pain and impairment today, as well as in years to come. This means many effects on your daily living. These types of injury accidents cause problems for mobility, general health and even your state of mind. More often than not, these accidents are also the result of someone else’s negligence. You have the right to pursue compensation for your medical costs, lost income and other damages after a neck and back injury. You can seek these damages from the party who caused your accident, even multiple… Read More

Tips to stay safe this holiday weekend- including a new app that helps in emergencies!!!

The long holiday weekend is just ahead and many of you will take to the highway, fire up the grill or enjoy the Fourth of July fireworks. The American Red Cross has steps you can follow to safely enjoy your holiday. HIGHWAY SAFETY Experts say millions of people will be on the highways over the Fourth of July weekend. The Red Cross reminds everyone to buckle up, observe speed limits and to not drink and drive. Be well rested and alert and give your full attention to the road. Don’t use your cell phone. Five more tips you should remember… Read More

Summer is here- how to prevent playground injuries!

Adult Supervision Is the Number One Way to Prevent Playground Injuries Seventy-five percent of playground injuries take place on public playgrounds. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), at least 200,000 children age 14 or younger are treated in emergency rooms each year for playground-related injuries. More than 10 percent of these are traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and the rate of TBIs is rising. Because public playgrounds are numerous and easily accessible, most kids spend their time on these rather than private playgrounds. Thus, the largest percentage of playground injuries take place on public facilities. Monkey bars and climbing equipment are responsible… Read More